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Control Yoke Reconditioning Beechcraft

Control Yoke Reconditioning Beechcraft
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Our Control Yoke Reconditioning makes your Yokes Better than NEW!
  • Our Process:
  • Upon receiving, the yokes are visually inspected, photographed and the owner is notified of any unusual conditions.
  • The yokes are disassembled, abrasive blasted and metal finished.
  • Minor pitting is epoxy filled, cured and finish sanded.
  • They are chemically cleaned and out-gassed in our ovens.
  • The yokes are sprayed with 2 coats of TGIC Polyester powder and oven cured.
  • Yokes are removed after oven curing and allowed to cool to room temperature.
  • Once cooled the yokes are hand sanded to remove any minor imperfections.
  • They are then cleaned and placed back in the oven until cure temp is achieved.
  • The yokes are removed, sprayed hot with 2 coats of TGIC Polyester powder and then  placed back in the oven for final curing.
  • Yokes are removed, allowed to cool, reassembled, inspected and released to shipping.
Normally we ask to have the yokes in hand for 5 to 7 days but depending on their condition and our work load it could take up to 14 days. This allows ample time for epoxy curing and finishing. We prefer the yokes be sent without wiring or switches in place. We can if needed remove and replace switches and wiring, there is an additional cost for this service. Please be aware that some switches are impossible to remove without destroying, this is normally due to improper installation. There may be additional costs due to excessive pitting or corrosion.  Yoke switch covers will be powder coated (included) and center Emblems will be cleaned. Cast yokes are porous and release gasses (out-gassing) when heated. We take every precaution to minimizing out-gassing affecting the finish by using high quality powders and out-gassing additives. We cannot recondition plastic yokes. Shipping and Insurance is not included.
Standard Colors are Gloss Black, Satin Black, Wrinkle Black and light Cream. Custom Colors are Available.
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