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SairCorp/Flight Boss Ltd :: Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Dear Sirs,

Recently I purchased your center console for my 1968 Cessna 320F Executive SkyKnight. This console has been a great addition to my aircraft and to my flying enjoyment. The quality of build and workmanship is outstanding. The paint and fabric are superb and the functionality of this console is to be commended. The ordering process was painless and the product was well packaged and shipped in a timely fashion. As you can see from the pictures, I have removed my stock arm rests from the seats because the console takes its place. Please accept these pics for any use to promote this great product.

With appreciation,

Jeff B


Just wanted to let you know that I am ecstatic with the console you built for me. It is terrific! The color matches are perfect; the unit fits like it was OEM: and the function is just great.

I installed it over the weekend (far too hot to fly), and went up today with my instructor/coach. He, too, thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Many thanks to you and the company. If you ever need an enthusiastic spokesman, call on me!

Neal H

Made my first flight with the console, an Angel Flight medical/patient mission, with three passengers in my four-seat Cessna 177B. The console was one of the best accessories I've added to my aircraft. Plenty of room to store charts, flight plans, fire extinguisher, my iPad, my portable air transceiver, and portable emergency locator beacon. I used the desk this flight to copy ATC vectors, clearances, and frequency changes, which the armrest made easy, and to clip the airport taxi diagram. I can't imagine flying without it. Tremendously great.

Wade R

Dear Larry

Attached are pictures of the new custom console you produced for me (Cessna 2001 172SP).
I am also copying the owner of the flight school, Learn To Fly, based at KPMP, where I finished my Private certificate and have been working on my IFR. Paul is interested in perhaps speaking with you about consoles for his school planes.

Again I am very pleased. I flew to Sun n Fun and found the arm rest, clip board, cup holder and access to all my paperwork so much more manageable.

Great job,


Larry, these Leather covered yokes are absolutely beautiful. I could not be more pleased. In the next few months, I'll be writing about the renovation of my airplane for our monthly magazine and I'll definitely give your company a big thumbs up. Hopefully it will generate a little business for you.

Bob Thomason, President
The Twin Cessna Flyer
P.O. Box 12453
Charlotte, NC  28220

If I remember correctly, you were in charge of our project for a 1980 Saratoga center piece.
We have installed it along with a new interior. We love it!
The arm piece that swings up is very helpful and strong!
Next time I fly I'll take some pictures!
Thanks for your great workmanship.
Curtis. J

Jeff from NY here.   

Have now had three full-on IMC flights (days & nights) plus a bunch of VFR stuff since the installation of the Saircorp cockpit organizer.    

First, my compliments again on the exceptional workmanship.   

Second, I had not realized just how beneficial an organizer could be, especially  for single pilot IMC operations (both day and night).   Once I had my new ‘office’ set to my personal liking, it was a revelation of how much of the ‘little stress’ was instantly relieved by the simple act of having my charts, plates, extra flashlights, pens, calculators, etc. well ordered.   Having the red LED lighting is a boon for aging eyes in a dark Cessna cockpit too.    

The armrest that both hinges and moves back and forth is brilliant, as is the constant torque hinge for the clip-board.   Lisa does fight me for the armrest,  but your extension makes sure that we’re both smoothing the miles away in comfort.   

We went from FRG to HVW and then on to MIV, then back that afternoon.  Had one of her friends w/ us too.  Solid IMC both ways till just before touchdown on the 3rd leg back to HVW and a real test.  Everything fell immediately to hand.   Just perfect.  

I have thanked you for your generosity, and am very grateful, but thought that a Pirep was in order from someone that is truly impressed w/ the additional capabilities that your craftsmanship delivers.   Nicely done.  

Jeff C.



To all at Flight Boss:

When I first saw your product, I think at the AOPA open house a few years ago, I liked it but thought it was way too expensive for what it was. Well, I must say that the console you sent me is a piece of art. I'm amazed at the fine quality of this product. The workmanship, paint, leatherette, and overall design far exceeds my expectations. Yes, it is a lot of money for a center console, but I am very pleased that I got it. It was a joy working with your people and I will highly recommend your product to my fellow flyers. 

Thank you for your excellent work.

TS in Leesburg, Va.

I cannot say how very pleased I was with how SairCorp’s Larry worked with me to achieve the best outcome with my custom Flight Boss Organizer Console.   The colors and fabrics are custom and the product will enhance my flying pleasure, comfort and utility.

Thanks again.   Killer service, Killer product.   Lots of folks will see your fine work in my plane.

HJW, CEO /Lilly Properties, Inc


I received my console today, installed it and I could not be more pleased with the way it looks in my Seneca.
I viewed the pictures before I ordered on your web site of units that you produced and they do not give them justice. The craftsmanship and design for ease of use are perfect for pilots and passengers alike.
I will admit I was skeptical about the price of the unit but the old term "you get what you pay for" really applies. I could not be happier with how it turned out.  It was packed very well and the colors turned out great.
Thanks again and Happy Flying.


Got the yokes today.  They are spectacular!  I can't wait to have them installed ... 1 month until annual!

Thanks again for your great work.  The yokes are the 1st part of a planned interior refurbishment on the plane I just bought.  The previous owner spend a lot of money and time on the airframe/paint and engine (see attached pics). I will likely be in touch again about purchasing one of your consoles.  If they are constructed as well as the yoke was put together, I'm sure if will be a great addition to the plane.

Take care.


From the Cessna Pilots Association forums


Well, I know you've all heard this before, because I'd heard it before; yet I failed to listen. But now this is my story, and since my dues are paid up, I believe I have a right to tell it.

It all started when I asked my wife what she wanted for her birthday. We obviously don't, but we think we have everything. This usually makes birthday shopping very simple and helps keep costs down. Anyway, her answer? "An armrest in the airplane". That seemed reasonable enough, and I immediately remembered that the best path to an armrest would likely be one of those fancy organizers crafted by our forum's own Larry Stanford. While I had looked admiringly at photos of others who had purchased them, I never took the plunge, since my airplane came with a plexiglass organizer that someone had apparently cobbled together after a trip to TAP Plastics. After all, it seemed to do the job...

So, I went to their
website and got started. I sometimes worry that a smaller business is going to have an e-commerce website that's going to tee me off, but Larry's is noticeably superb, IMO. I was able to get in, create what I wanted very quickly, and get out; just like I like it. I wound up with one oddball question I couldn't answer from the site, so I called in and spoke with Larry. He got me right on track, and said he liked my avatar. I always like that.

The unit arrived quickly, completely, and very well packaged. It's like one of those "Transformer" toys, and can be continuously customized to fit my many, many, many moods. It's too bad it is so shocking when something exceeds your expectations any more, but C'est la vie.

Anyway, I (I mean "she") love(s) it, and it has a very nice armrest. I can't wait to be able to brace my arm for GPS data entry in severe turbulence.

I heartily recommend it.


Bill C

…Larry Stanford’s Flight Boss group has made a dream panel for our 1957 Cessna 182A a reality.  Larry’s attitude from the beginning was “we can do that” a refreshing change from the other “industry leader” who wanted us to do it HIS way.  The quality, fit, finish, and attention to detail leaves other “custom” panel in Larry’s dust.  We also used Larry’s Yoke reconditioning service.  Better than factory – and certainly better than the competition…. 

Mark K

You're the best!
BTW, I just got the wheels out of the box and showed them to my wife. Her reaction: "wow!"

Panels look GREAT. I’m very impressed with the result. Haven’t had a chance to take any pictures yet, the plane’s flying too much, and they had some JPI problems. I’ll probably get a chance to take some pics tomorrow. I will still need those two filler panels, I’ll get you the dimensions tomorrow as well. 
I’ll be in touch tomorrow!

Hey guys!

I have installed the new console mount for my Garmin 396.

I placed the XM antenna on the hat shelf beneath the back glass, and routed the antenna wire (with the usb extension cable) under the carpeting, covered by some aluminum tape to prevent chafing, so that a 1.5 foot tail was left just between the seats, and alongside the console. The power cable was also routed in a similar fashion from the cig lighter to the same place.
I mounted the constant torque rail mount on the front of the flip-up arm rest, put a couple of tiny tie-wraps around the two cables and presto!

It's Perfect!  All of the controls for the 396 fall readily to hand  (er, thumb) and it's easily visible. An unexpected benefit is the ease of use by the right seat pax, and the view by the back seat pax. 
The slack in the cables allow the hinged section under the armrest rails to lift properly, and they tuck in beside the seat, out of the way of seat belts.

Now, I just have to get used to the unobstructed view of my engine 

Great Product!

  I’ll definitely keep you guys in mind and tell my friends about the great customer service and products, (I’ve already shown off my cockpit organizer to a couple pilots and one of them did/going to order an organizer for his).
  Thanks again for your help Larry – I do appreciate it.
  Checked it out – you are Da Man!!!
  Thanks so much – this is customer service above and beyond the call!
  If there’s anything I ever do , please let me know.
G regg

Good Morning,
Glad to see "y'all" as a sponsor to CFO!!
I am still a very proud user of the organizer/ divider that you did in custom colors for me last year. It's beautiful and highly functional! Love it!!
Just wanted to let you know that you may use me as a reference if you care to do so.
All The Best!!!
Jim Henderson

Thanks Larry,
I would never even attempt the covering of the yokes.  Great job on your
side.  The install went smoothly with everything worked at the end. 
Thanks a lot and hopefully use you guys in the future.

just got them today, thanks! I saw the photographs of the yokes and they looked quite good.  But in reality they are just great, a whole lot better than I expected. 
Thanks for a great job!!!.

 I was OOT the yokes arrived they look great! Thanks for your great help!

The box arrived last night and I was so excited I got up verrrry early this morning and went to the hangar to put it in the plane, and stock it with all the goodies.  It's fantastic, fits perfectly and looks perfect.  After I get a chance to take pictures I'll send them to you.
I'm very thankful to you for the great work.  I'll swing by to see you when we're in Ohio - would like you to eyeball my panel as I'm looking to put new metal on it at some point so I can rearrange things.  Of course, I have to order extra accessories for the organizer too....
Thanks again,

The yokes came today.  WOW!!!  Thanks and I will recommend you guys to my friends.
Best Regards!

This is a copy of a letter sent to Aviation Consumer…
Dear Sirs:
We recently received our new SPA32/34 console from Saircorp ( www.saircorp.com), and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality and value this product offers. Our turbo Saratoga did not come with the factory console between the two rear-facing seats. We searched for a console other than the factory model because of its high cost and lack of functionality. The new Saircorp console is an incredible addition to our plane. With the fully adjustable armrest wide enough for both the pilot and co-pilot to use comfortably while in cruise, and easily swung up and out of the way for takeoffs and landings (even though it’s not necessary to do so), the console provides the same comfort for the rear seat passengers with ample storage space. We particularly like the adaptability of the accessories available for the Saircorp console: drink holders, laptop holders, chart holders, built-in chart lights, and many other very well thought out products. We had our console customized to hold our oxygen system securely and out of the way while being easily operated from the pilot and co-pilot seats. The Saircorp people were friendly and easy to deal with always wanting to be sure they were delivering the console configured just the way we wanted it.
This console will fit all PA 32 airframes including the Cherokee Six models with forwardfacing rear seats. It attaches to the standard seventh seat brackets so it is easily removed if desired.
I recommend to the editors that you review the Saircorp products comparing them to the limited choices available.
Rarely have I seen such an aviation accessory that exceeds expectations at a fair price. Usually, it seems only the price exceeds expectations!
Lee W.

Hi Larry,
Just received the yokes and they look great. I can't wait to put them back on. I just finished the annual on Sunday so the timing is perfect.
Thanks very much.

Hello Saircorp,
" For Christmas I received a beautiful Console Organizer for my Cessna 182L . I put it in the plane and it works wonderfully. It is so nice to have everything at my fingertips; sectionals, flight computer, cup holder for water/gatorade, arm rest, etc."
"I would like to purchase the fire extinguisher holder for the rear of the console. I believeit is the wastebasket but holds the fire extinguisher."

Hi Larry,
Received your 'final" version of the PC-12 cockpit organizer today.
It looks fabulous!
I will inaugurate the organizer during my trip to Kansas City tomorrow and will UPS your original sample back to you on Friday or next Monday at the latest.
Thanks a lot for undertaking this project. I hope you sell a lot of the organizers; it is a very nice product!
Best regards,

Received as scheduled and just installed. Great fit and great colors.
Chris K.

"Per your request… attached are the pictures I currently have. They are low resolution. If you would like high-resolution pictures, let me know and I will take some and send them your way. Remember that I don’t have the factory seats, so my installation will be different than the average application. I have much more room between the seats and no seat stops.
It sure is nice to have the organizer. The fire extinguisher fits perfectly in the bottom compartment. I should send you a picture of that. Should it be needed, it would be easy to lift the organizer from the back and access the extinguisher."
"Good luck with the business. You make a quality product."
Hello Larry,
I recently submitted the attached to the Cardinal Flyers e-mail site.
Thanks for the service.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 18:59:24 CST
Subject: Yoke reconditioning
The pilot yoke of my '70 FG cracked considerably in last year's North Dakota winter. I tried to acquire a replacement from the usual salvage sources but was unsuccessful. I finally located a yoke in "good condition"--but they wanted $425.00.
Finally, I sent both yokes to Saircorp Ltd in Smithville, Ohio (Saircorp.com). For little more than the above price, they reconditioned both yokes and covered them with leather. Both have PTT buttons. They did
a beautiful job and I am very pleased. The work involved was much more than I would have guessed.
By e-mail, Larry sent me about 20 pictures of the yokes at various stages. I received the yokes about 10-12 days after I sent them. I would highly recommend their service if you have a yoke that needs reconditioning or are just trying to make the cockpit look better.


Just showed them to my wife now too, its going to be perfect once its
all installed in the plane.  It looks absolutely great.


Re: Storing oxygen cannulas
02/08/04 09:41 AM
I second the post about saircorp. This is a fantastic product - there are none better. I have the organizer with all the goodies in my R182. The oxygen bottle holder is great. I run the cannulas through the shoulder harness tray above the doors. It works great.
Saircorp is a fantastic company. They are very professional and handled an exchange very well. I can't say enough good things about them.

Hi Larry,
I have put my center console in my 182, and I am very happy with it.
Thank you for a great product and great customer service.
All the best,

"I received my organizers tonight and everything was exactly as planned.
Thanks a lot for all of the attention to detail, and working so closely with me on the custom modifications.
I have to say one thing…. Your commitment to making your customers happy is amongst the very best that I have ever seen!"
Jim P.

"It worked perfectly! The front armrest is in the exact position for comfort and I am able to use the flaps while it is down with no problem. It looks and fits perfectly. I appreciate all the custom work and great deal."
Scott T.

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed I am with the organizer I recently got for my P210. I had the other organizer, that was the only one available before yours, and it did the job till I received yours.
Yours lets me store twice as much in the same space and with the armrest and other accessories, there is no comparison.
I am anxious to try the second organizer you are custom fitting for my passenger seats.
As you and your people sure seem to know, space is a premium in an airplane, and you have helped maximize the usage.
Keep up the good work.
A very satisfied customer,
Jeff S.

The organizer/console arrived Friday. We installed it, filled it up with stuff and took off. It has a little over 5 hours on it. My only complaint is that Deb has usurped my right to use the arm rest and now I'm going to have to order an extension. Larry says, that a lot of pilots have the same complaint. Anyway, the new pictures have been posted so you can see what it looks like in the plane. They're on the second page of thumbnails. Larry made an oversized cup holder for Deb's 1.5L water bottles. It works well. Fire extinguisher is out of the way but, visible and easy to get at. Lots of room for hand held, charts, Jepp binder, O2 masks, etc. Mean time one thing that we decided is really a must is the custom color. The shade Deb picked is just a little bit lighter than our interior.
David S.

Organizer arrived today, (Wed) and it looks fantastic... more than met my expectations. I also like the armrest. Will be out at the airplane this weekend to see how it fits, and if we also feel like the armrest will work. The organizer fits just perfect. You wanted to know about the packing and shipping....it came thru just fine, not a mark on it, and the power coat looks great. I sent a comment to the Cardinal Flyers Digest, and copied you on the email. I will take some pictures and send them as soon as I can. (we are moving, and the camara is packed somewhere).
Vic H.
Fellow CFOers,
This organizer was made for a Cardinal. It has many accessories. I ordered mine with a Ox tank holder and an armrest. The people at Saircorp processed, packed, and shipped the product fast, and were very nice on the phone with questions. Check it out, saw their ad in Cessna Pilots Magazine. I was requested to take pictures for posting on their website, so watch for the pictures.
Vic H.

"I've flown a 310 for 9 years, and love the airplane. The only thing that nagged at me about it was where to put chart books, supplies and other things -- always seemed to have a mess. The S310 is a great solution for that, now that I've tried one, I never want to fly without it again."
Rob G.

6 /27/03
"Guess what just walked in the door... er, was carried in the door by the guy with the brown shorts??!! And you said I was fast...... Looks GREAT! The workmanship is impressive! I believe you've done this a few times. Kudos to the Stitchmaster! Photos to follow Monday. I’m headed to the hanger tomorrow. Right now, it's beside me, while I'm making "uden, uden" sounds."
"I flew the Card all weekend. My son and I got the "catfish" itch and drug out the charts and the Flight Guide for "restaraunts on field" information... and found this little strip at the southern end of Kentucky Lake (Houston Co M93,). For one week out of the summer, the durned place was closed! We found out from the old character that runs the restaurant that it used to be a "Mafia" hangout for illegal gambling back in the 60s, and that was why the airport was built. There was grass 5 feet high on either side of the strip, and a rusty old shed to one side. Talk about the middle of nowhere! Cool place, though, and we're heading back later this summer. We figured the fuel and went almost to Paduca to Kentucky Dam Village (M34) for a 2" thick pork chop at Miss Patti's. We used the organizer to stow charts, and were impressed how we could flip back the armrest to access everything. As you saw in the panel shot, we've got a CD player in the stack. Guess where the disks went???? and now we can find what we want without having to dig around in the back seat! My son (the mechanical engineer) thought the design was just right for the intended purpose. (That's a rare compliment, because he can find fault with a Ferrari). After M34, we cruised on back to Bowling Green (BWG) to put the bird back in the nest. 2.5 hours of flight time total, and the organizer is a welcome guest in the cockpit. And you're right... What was I doing before?????"
I have just received a new organizer/console from Saircorp , a product previously recommended by Vic Hannig. Iam in total agreement with Vic! This is a great product! Fit and finish were excellent, and I even had the good folks at Saircorp cover the armrest in cloth to match my seats. With a black powder coat finish to match my seat hardware, the whole thing looks OEM! Rugged construction, light weight, lots of room, lots of features, quick turnaround time, great customer service, good price. Pics of the organizer in 34981 available via e-mail to interested parties. `And don`t forget, you heard it right here on CFO`
"Howard, I went with the standard S177 model, with the armrest/flip top box option. I upgraded the interior last year, and was worried about the fit with the new "wider" seats. I shouldn't have. The fit was perfect. The folks ar Saircorp even covered the pad with my material, so it would match. The height with the armrest box is perfect, and the rail it sits on makes it adjustable fore and aft. The "flip up" function of the armrest box makes it easy to access anything in it during flight. I got the accessory rails installed on each side of the armrest box as well as on the front and rear of the main console box. I got two cupholders, and use them at the rear of the armrest and on the front of the main box. I later purchased the clipboard option that slips right in the accessory rail on the front of the armrest box. Very handy for clearances, etc. I'll attach the pics. I have flown about ten hours with the console... and I can't remember ever being without it! it's that good!"
Bob P.

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